Founded in 1998, diSiac Dance Company has grown to become one of the most widely respected and acclaimed groups on campus at Princeton University. With a strong focus in both hip-hop and lyrical/contemporary dance styles, we nevertheless strive to push the limits of performance and movement beyond categorization. diSiac is one of two student-run dance company at Princeton that has had the honor of performing in the professional Berlind Theatre thus far. Our bi-annual shows aim to achieve exceptional creativity through a variety of styles. We are also committed to hosting a variety of guest workshops with leading choreographers every semester. Our diSi-fans, drawn in by the entertainment that our shows promise, consistently fill our large venues. diSiac is proud of our dancers who come from a variety of backgrounds, from having no previous dance experience to professional level training. Our dancers also engage in a wide range of campus activities including varsity athletics, community service, other performing arts, etc. diSiac wholeheartedly supports all of our diSi-alumni, some of which now dance professionally. More important than our dancing, however, are the relationships formed and the family mentality within the company that make diSiac a remarkable and rewarding experience. APHRO!

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