How many performances does diSiac put on per year and where are they performed?

We put on two main performances in the year, one towards the end of the fall semester, in December, and one towards the end of the spring semester, in April.  Our fall show is performed in the Berlind Theater, and our spring show is performed in Frist Campus Center's Film & Performance Theater.

For the past two years, we have also put on a show during Princeton Reunions in Richardson Auditorium. Finally, we often participate in other small performances, which vary from year to year. This year, we had the pleasure of performing in the half-time of the Princeton-Harvard basketball game.

Do diSiac members participate in other activities on campus?

YES! Anything! Track, Triangle Club, A Cappella groups, The Garden Project, ... you name it. There are no limits. Because diSiac is such a flexible time commitment, people can really venture into whatever sorts of groups or activities as they please!

How much of a time commitment is diSiac?

diSiac can take up as much of your free time as you desire. We have some dancers whose main priority is diSiac, and who dance in 5-6 pieces every semester.  We have others who are heavily involved in other activities (varsity sports, a cappella groups, etc.), and who choose to dance significantly less. Members request how many pieces they would like to be in for each show, if any, and each piece entails approximately 10 hours of rehearsal prior to the week of the show.

One unique thing about diSiac is that once you're in, you're in for good. Dancers who, for whatever reason, choose to take multiple semesters off dancing, are still considered company members, still have a say in all company decisions, and are still encouraged to come to all diSiac social events!

In sum, diSiac is whatever you want it to be for you. Literally!

What is the audition process like?

We try to make our auditions process as fun, fair, and low-stress as possible. We mean it when we say that no previous dance experience is required!

Auditions start with a big group warm up, after which diSiac members perform both a lyrical and a hip hop routine, and auditionees select which they would like to learn. After learning and practicing their chosen routine, dancers perform in groups of 4. At the end, we have a big freestyle circle.

In the fall, we hold callbacks, at which dancers who have been called back must learn and perform the routine they did not choose at the original auditions (lyrical or hip hop). Like before, they perform this routine in groups of 4. After this is done, dancers briefly review the routine they selected originally, and perform this one last time in groups of 4. Callbacks, like the first auditions, end with a freestyle circle. In the spring, we do not hold separate callbacks, and both routines are learned by everyone.

Besides the performances, does diSiac host any other events on campus?

Yesss! This past year, we held a semi-formal, which we invited three other dance companies to. We also have so many random optional social events all over the place, it's hard to keep track. We have secret Santas, secret Valentines, Oscar watching parties, organized study rooms, other themed parties, and so so so much other stuff to do.

Each semester we also host dance workshops which are free and open to the entire campus. They're a guaranteed fun way for students to release some stress during finals week!